Lisa in New York City

Another day , another shoot . Well it used to be that way but this was the first shoot in a couple of weeks and probably last shoot for the next week or two . One reason being that my cameras got wet and stopped working so I had them in for repairs and two I just seek out less shoots recently.

This shoot basically came about through Instagram as most of the shoots do Lisa was coming to New York City from Italy for a few weeks and wanted to do a shoot . Previously I had shot a friend of hers Sonia in the Chinatown area of NYC, this time starting in DUMBO an area of Brooklyn and finishing up at Bow Bridge in Central Park.

As I mentioned , Lisa comes from Italy and will be in the city for a short time , she is a professional dancer that includes being an aerialist . Early next year she is also going to be opening her own dance school in her hometown .

About the shoo : I had thought that a good beginning spot would be in Brooklyn overlooking Manhattan in the background , so we met at York street subway station and made our way down to the east river overlooking the city .

Also in the area , we worked away from the waterfront in a couple spots on the streets and around a building using some of the nice bricks walls .

After finishing up in this area, Lisa had always wanted to shoot at Bow Bridge in Central Park , which is an easy trip on the C train up to 72nd street . The station is located outside the Dakotas , where John and Yoko lived and John Lennon was killed , as well as a stroll through strawberry fields section of the park .

Before reaching the bridge we stopped at a quiet little gazebo that most people are not aware of and did a few shots on our way ..

And finally to finish up the day , we made it to Bow Bridge! Normally, I try to stay away from Central Park when shooting , the reason being , the reason being is that many “photographers ” hang around the park running around behind you trying to sneak shots , and when we arrived at the bridge it was no exception. Photographers who can not find their own shoots I guess trying to pretend it is their shoot when they post the photos . Personally, if I see an interesting shoot , I will ask the photographer if he minds if I take a shot . So just have some respect .

For this shoot I used :

Canon 5D mark III

50mm 1.8

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