African American Day Parade

Sunday the 15th , 2019 marked the 50th annual African American Day Parade in Harlem . This parade is a nice parade to attend if you ever have the chance , it’s not as wild and crazy as the Puerto Rican Day Parade or Dominican day parade, but it’s almost the type of parade you would see in everyday America. Not glitz and glamour , just proud people enjoying their day . As far as length in time this parade lasted 4+ hours , longer then my camera battery .

I guess my only complaint personally was the opening ceremonies seemed to last a bit longer then needed , but it was the 50th anniversary of this parade .

I few shots from my day , I was using my canon 7D Mark II with an 18-135mm lens to start , but quickly changed to a 50mm 1.8 . In the beginning of the parade I did use auto ISO as the parade had the sun behind them . But , I did not like the results of that because in order to get the shadows of the faces the ISO over compensates and the result is a blown out background and a grainy photo as the iso will at times go in to the thousands.

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