Well , Sonia and I were scheduled to shoot Wednesday but , rain in the forecast. So , we decided , ” let’s shoot Friday 0% chance of rain . Ok and so the story goes , of course it rained . Not to get off the subject of the shoot but I have to say . How come the weathermen \ women will tell me this year will be colder or more snow this winter 6 months before winter begins but they can’t tell me if it will rain tomorrow or not .

Ok back to the shoot . Well the rain was sort of a blessing in disguise, because it made for good lighting when it stopped . For my shoots , I prefer cloudy or overcast skies , though I’m shooting dancers , I don’t particularly do a lot of jumping and fast motion shots that require the shutter speed to be 1000+ ( that’s my ideal setting for jumping and birds in flight )

This shoot came about through Instagram as most of my shoots do , Sonia is friends of someone I shot previously and asked her if she would be interested to do something sometime and here we are . I picked the spot of an alleyway near Chinatown just off of broadway . I liked the walls and graffiti in the area , but , had not been there in about a year so wasn’t sure what we would get when we arrived . The look was pretty much the same but you can see the beginnings of fixing up the area .

In fact , we didn’t use the full alleyway as I wanted to do , on 1 end , they were doing construction on the other side a homeless man walking around with a big board in his hand swinging it .

At the end of the alley we did a couple street shots and then moved on .

At was at this point the rain started .. so we took cover for a few minutes and on we went , thinking to go under the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side , but it stopped raining and we went to an area at the bridge .

Typically, a dancer shooter , Sonia kind of changed things up for me and we did something a little different . It was a nice change to my shoot , as much as I prefer dancers it was a nice change of style .

Moving along we went to another alleyway, kind of where were winding down the shoot ..

After the final alleyway we kind of just found a few random spots on the way to the train station and did a few miscellaneous shots

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