Akane and Moe

Well , here it is or here it was , possibly my last shoot of 2019 . I’m not quite putting the camera away , the Halloween parade , Thanksgiving parade ( weather permitting) and whatever else I find interesting. But , the photoshoots, the weather for one makes it uncomfortable for me and puts dancers at risk of getting hurt and its also not comfortable to them . But that’s just one of a few reasons .

Anyways , let’s get to the shoot . So on this day was Akane ( Who I’ve shot several times ) and a friend of hers visiting New York City from Japan Moe , who dances all styles but prefers Jazz dance . I have to confess that because I really hate the cold , I was a bit nervous about shooting this time of year , but luckily for us it turned out to be a beautiful day .

This shoot was in Brooklyn around the Dumbo area , one of my go to places to shoot . Easy to get to and a lot of different backgrounds, from cobblestone roads to Manhattan in the back .

This shoot a packed lighter then usual , just a canon 5D mark III and a 50mm 1.8 lens . It’s what I use for all my shoots so why carry other lenses with me .

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