In the past year , managed to visit 3 countries , Japan , Italy and South Korea.

For me I enjoyed each place for different reasons . Seoul was the best food , Rome the best sightseeing and Tokyo clean , organized and safe. The time in South Korea was short only 5 days so its a bit more difficult to judge overall and spent more time planning Japan (which was on the same trip , 10 days there ) that when we arrived in Seoul there wasn’t really a plan on what we need to see . It’s unfortunate, because I think there’s a lot to do there . Rome was great , because , I love history and old architecture and just walking down the streets you see the old without going to Vatican, Coliseum etc . Just a beautiful place . Tokyo also has the old temples and shrines which I also loved , the only difference really is that Tokyo is very modern and you have to search for the old and not usually in walking distance . But if modern is what you like then Tokyo is the place to see . It’s really a nice place and the streets are clean and I never felt unsafe in the streets in after dark . If your a smoker like me in Tokyo , you’ll be surprised to learn that smoking isn’t permitted outside . You have to find designated smoking areas on the streets and even in 7-11 they provide smoking rooms . But , you can smoke in restaurants there , so it’s a little backwards . Haha .

Well that’s my little say of traveling , obviously there’s 100’s of travel blogs that get more detailed , this is just my quick opinion on a few places I visited .

Photos are in no specific order and just chosen randomly of what’s on my iPad . Of course on my hard drive you’ll find another 5,000 photos from the 3 countries .

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