Dominican day parade 2019

August 11th was the New York City annual Dominican day parade on 6th ave in Manhattan. Of course it shouldn’t be a surprise as in NYC you can find any type of parade just about every weekend. Personally as far as parades go , and each country that has parades here , this is one of my favorites , good music , good crowds and just an exciting day . But , though I enjoyed this years parade I think last year was better . That being said , it was a beautiful day for a parade .

For photographing , it is another touch parade to shoot with the sun basically behind the people which causes a lot of dark figures in your photo if your settings are not right , and with the constant changes in lighting parades can be most difficult to shoot . You’ll get your settings right for one shot and suddenly the sun is behind the clouds , but because the pace is fast , you need to be able to change settings just as quickly or you’ll miss your shot . But if your a photographer who shoots on auto maybe it’s not as difficult, but , 99% of the parades I’m shooting manual . The 1% that I wasn’t fully manual was this parade when I set my ISO on auto . I thought I would give it a try to help with the backlighting. And the results? I was very disappointed in my photos when I got home . The coloring seemed off , the lighting to bright in the background etc etc . So I will not be trying that again . I would rather screw up shots on my own then to have my camera do it for me and it’s much more rewarding when you get the beautiful shot because of the work you put into it. So on this day I set my aperture 5.0 to 8.0 . The ISO auto and with the sun in and out the shutter was 250 lowest and up to 8000 highest . I brought my canon 5D mark III ( I broke my 7D Mark II) and used my 50mm 1.8 exclusively.

So here’s some of the results:

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