Arianna and Qenu

My most recent shoot was with Arianna and Qenu . Both artist , but 1 a dancer and other a musician . So let’s see how this will turn out .

About the shoot , I had shot previously with Arianna , so that’s technically how this came about , we did a shoot and also Arianna was a part of our Light painting shoot . For this shoot , I was 1st contacted by a make up artist friend who I had worked with a few times in the past , she had recently married and moved to California. During her visit back in New York , she asked if I would be interested in doing something together . I was interested and my first choice for our model was Arianna and because we had previously discussed doing a shoot with her and her boyfriend, that’s where Qenu came into the picture . This was an idea we were working on and now just the added make up artist .

And here is a first for my blog , a word from the dancer :

“Modeling as a dancer is a lot of fun because I get to be creative. What I’m wearing, the location, and any props all come together with dance movement to create unique shots. Having a makeup artist makes the shoot even better because it helps define my “character” for the shoot. When the photographer is as open to different ideas as I am, the possibilities are endless. Working with Steve is great because he’s down to earth and friendly.

My most recent shoot with Steve was different because this time I had another person to model with: my boyfriend. Qenu, though a musician instead of a dancer, is also an artist. Having another body to create shapes with meant that there were even more possibilities for the shoot. We could feature aspects of dance such as lifts that I could not do as a solo model. It was also inspiring to model with anther artist who is just as creative as I am and make more fun ideas.”

Arianna – Instagram Qenu- Instagram My – Instagram

And before I get to the photos if your in the New York area and looking to learn Salsa , Ariana is your girl :

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