Sara 2.0

Ok , here was my 2nd shoot with Sara , the previous shoot was in Dumbo area of Brooklyn, New York . ( It’s just a couple post back . ) this shoot also in Brooklyn, but , I was more in search of new areas to shoot . I had met Sara through another dancer that I shot a year ago , Greta , who I also shot when I was in Rome .

For this shoot it was about a 90 degree day in nyc . As for all my shoots , I used my canon 5D mark III, 50mm 1.8 lens . Unfortunately, I don’t have much choice in the matter anymore , I’ve ruined my 7D Mark II getting it wet and my canon rebel T5I is just a mess around camera , not the quality of the Mark series .

Unfortunately in this shoot , when I got home and put the photos on my computer, my settings / color seemed to be a bit off and some of the shots it seemed the background matched her skin tone . So the editing process from this particular shoot has become a nightmare and still not happy with the results . Usually when I cannot get it right , easiest thing is to make it black and white. But in my opinion not all photos are good black and white. Some photos are meant to be color and some shouldn’t be .

But anyways here’s a few shots from the day .

I’ll start it off with the water shot , Sara didn’t know there was a wave coming her way , but kept her cool .


  1. With these photos…i think what disturbs is the yellow color of models shirt…thats y the other colors may seem off to u….i think these photos r gorgeous as r all of your work..but i personally never wear any of the yellows because it makes my skin way too bizarre colored.. Again just me tho..because others like yellow on me….but skipping yellow is just as good a practice for me! I would advise u skip it too…for if not for any other reason than tbat it makes for lots and unnecessary work in the edit in g of your photos. And sounds like it wasfrusteatibg too!!

    1. Yea , I agree . I don’t choose wardrobe, I tell them whatever they want in their photos . But it was my processing these photos . I did on a Tv screen that I connected to my computer, definitely colors different on each . So while they looked good on the TV screen they became crap everywhere else. Live and learn .

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