Balloonfest 2019

Solberg airport in Readington , New Jersey is where the annual quick chek balloonfest is held each year . The balloons launch twice on Saturday and Sunday at 6:30am and 6:30pm weather permitting and I believe once on Friday at 6:30pm .

It’s a nice day out and in general it’s easy to get in and out of with the traffic , but recommend trying to get in about 3-4 hours before the evening launch . But , my 1 complaint about the festival would be pricing . Adults $30 to get in , a sausage is $10 and lemonade $8 , the pricing seems outrageous. In the evening after the balloons , there are concerts which I guess you could listen to around the area , but an additional fee to get inside .

But , in general it’s a nice day out , pack a lunch and have a seat in the lawn area and just wait for the balloons . It’s my 2nd annual balloonfest here and their 37th . Unfortunately on this evening, I believe the wind , even at higher levels was not happening as it seemed a lot of the balloons had a tough time getting over the trees in the distance.

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