Madlena – continued

Madlena continued , is really a photoshoot that began a year and a half ago , March 20, 2020 .

This day , March 20th, as I was driving into New York City to do the photoshoot, it was announced that New York City was going to lock down . Madlena, being from Bulgaria, had to leave town or be stuck locked down in NYC . So at the time we met and decided to shoot for about 30 minutes with the time we had and then we all had to get out of town , she had to get out of the country .

This day was a beautiful unseasonably warm November day and we met and shot at Brooklyn bridge area .

For me , I’m undecided if I will shoot anymore , as far as this type of shoot , of course I’ll still be in city for parades and other events . But this is definitely last photo shoot for a few months if not more .

I used my canon 5D mark lll with a 50mm 1.8 lens

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