A bit of Normal – Dominican Day Parade

August 8, 2021 was the first “Normal “ parade that I’ve attended since the Chinese New Years parade in February 2020, of course we all know what came next .

This years parade , for obvious reasons was not the same as a normal Dominican parades in the past which usually last hours , this was 1 hour of a virtual parade from 12-1 and then a small parade that lasted about an hour . Had it not been just good to get out and shoot , I guess I would’ve probably been disappointed,

Below are links to photos I did fro the last 2 Dominican Parades in NYC

2018 Dominican Parade

2018 Dominican Day Parade 2

2019 Dominican Day Parade

This parade I brought my canon 5 D Mark III , and used my 50mm 2.8 lens and also a 35mm for just a couple group shots .

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