Day 1 – Stay in place

Cover photo is me in nyc .

Well , as most of the world is fighting the coronavirus, here in New Jersey USA we are on day 1 of our stay in place order . What does this mean ? They are asking that we stay home till April 7th and only go out to get groceries , medicines , gasoline . Otherwise all other businesses are closed , besides , restaurants deliveries .

I have to admit , it’s pretty boring . But we need to do what is best for everyone . I was able to get 2 shoots in , the last 2 weeks and a few photos in nyc Friday , the day Governor Cuomo closed down the state . New Jersey was Saturday .

So I will be uploading my shoots in the next day or 2 as I have nothing else to do all day . But , here’s a couple nyc shots . I’m not going to share all here today , need to keep extra to post the next few days .

Be safe and take care .

Next post may be a little more detailed about what’s going on here and some of my opinion of how President Trump has demonstrated his inability to be President.

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