Day 2 – what to do .

Well as the country slowly closes down state by state , in New Jersey we are basically on day 2 of our stay in place order . To many people are ignoring this order , so it seems this will drag out longer then necessary. Of course we all want to get out and do what we do , but, at this point it’s selfish thinking to actually go out to parties etc . Yes maybe your young and won’t get it seriously if at all , but, you could walk passed an elderly person and spread to them or a family member . Just sit tight , the sooner we all get serious the sooner it’s over .

My day 2 washed dishes , scrubbed the shower , fed my birds outside and exercised , now I have to kill 10 more hours . Unfortunately, it is cold and rainy day here today , so can’t even sit on the porch .

That’s a look outside at 2:30 pm .

Below a few more photos from Friday .

Chinatown , NYC
Subway station , Brooklyn
Line at rescue mission – NYC

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