Emma and Gabby

Well , after a few years of shooting outdoors , it was time to do a studio shoot . The weather is just a bit to cold to be outside with dancers , so to get this shoot done we took it inside .

I personally don’t like using artificial lighting in shoots , 1 because I’m ignorant when it comes to lights and 2 because I like natural light. I think using natural light is more difficult for a photographer , as to when your indoors in a studio , you set the lights , the camera and then you shouldn’t have to change anything after your set . So I like the challenge of working with sun and shadows .

So the only thing I can say about this shoot is I had 2 soft boxes set up , no flash . I used my 5D mark III with a 50mm 1.8 lens .

So here’s a few shots from our day in the studio .

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