Korean day parade

Saturday , September October 5th marked the 39th annual Korean day parade and festival in Manhattan, New York.

This weekend I had a few choices ( I’m an hour from nyc , so try to limit trips to the city ) . So do I go to the Comic-Con ( which I signed up for to late and would have to stand outside and photo or pay $70 to get in) , the polish parade on Sunday or the Korean day parade on Saturday . I guess from the title you can guess my choice .

So I decided to go to the Korean parade and festival, as I’m more interested in traditional things then a person putting on a costume. Don’t get me wrong , some of those Anime people do beautiful work on the costumes, but , many more don’t , and to fight with 100’s of photographers to shoot someone isn’t my cup of tea .

Anyways , the choice is made , Korean it is . ( last year in October I visited Seoul, Korea ) so my choice is partial to Korea .

In the end I was happy with the choice as it was a nice day in the city with the parade and the festivities that followed . The parade in general was about an hour , which I do prefer that it’s longer , but , I enjoyed all of the traditional clothing I saw throughout the parade . As it turned out , it was one of the better parade days I had .

So let’s get to some of the parade photo , next post will be the festival after the parade , just to many photos for 1 post :

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