The lost photoshoot

Well I am not sure how or why I didn’t post this shoot I did back in April , but it appears I didn’t .

The shoot in particular was in Rome and included Giovanna and Concetta. What really set this day apart from other photoshoots I’ve done is that we used the Coliseum and areas around it . For me it was the shoot I had always dreamed about .

This day actually came about rather quickly , before I travelled to Rome , I had a,ready had 2 photoshoots set up for the trip . One we did in a park the other in a newer section of Rome . But I wanted that feeling of Rome , so Giovanna and Concetta who I met earlier at the first shoot in a park agreed to do another shoot near the coliseum a few days later .

Ultimately, my personal goal is to travel and photo dancers or even traditional style in cities I visit .

But anyways here’s the shoot in Rome , Italy.

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