Kids in play

This past few days , did a couple separate shoots with 2 young dancers . Both of the girls attend same dance studio and probably my 10th time working with someone from the studio. I’m being a bit general in my description because of the girls age . So I prefer not to mention what studio and where it is , only that both shoots were in Long Island City and neither are from that area , just where I suggested to the parents because of it being a quiet , clean and seemingly safe area in New York . I find that this area and Roosevelt island are the best area when working with younger models / dancers.

The 2 days I was there doing the shoots , it was hot , humid and both girls by the end of the shoots couldn’t get their pointes on .

About the shoot : Again we shot in Long Island City , it was 2 days for me . Each shoot lasted about 2 hours or so . It seems when working with the younger dancers , in the excitement of a shoot they start trying to knock out everything in the first few minutes , trying to get all the moves in , so I have slow them down a bit . The tough thing about these 2 shoots was that they were in same spot of same studio girls and I had to try to make them both unique to each , this way they are not with the same photos . Also , when working with the younger people , I’m very conscious of the angles I shoot at , Basically keeping the shoots at a G – rating . But , then again I am not a photographer who needs or wants to shoot provocative type photos .

Anyways , I used my Canon 5D mark III and 50mm 1.8 lens .

So in random order including some behind the scenes .

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