Pride Parade

June 30th was the end of pride month and also the World Pride Parade in New York City. This weekend also marked the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Riots , when on June 28th 1969 , members of the gay community began violent demonstrations against police for an early morning riot on that date .

Flash forward to 2019 and there’s a parade passing stonewall monument. Tens of thousands participants and up to 4 million people to view the parade . Lucky for me , I have my press pass and get to set up wherever I choose inside the parade route.

Parades , to some are boring or no interest in shooting them , but as a friend of mine said “The truest test of the hardcore photogs is working these damn parades with the sun beating down, and standing on your feet for 5 hours, changing settings on the fly with the ever changing light. All of this while trying to keep up with the fast paced action “

This parade was no exception, I arrived at 10am and shot till about 6pm , then 1500 photos later I was to tired to carry on and called it a day . The parade continued , until when I don’t know , but after going through my group of photos I narrowed it down to about 500 keeper photos for me . My general rule of thumb is keeping nice photos of course , rule number 2 is I want the person looking at my camera , for the most part . So below you will find some of the 500 photos I kept .

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