Sunday , June 10th , 2018 was the 61st annual Puerto Rican day parade in NYC . The day was supposed to be filled with rain , so I was prepared with all my rain gear and fortunately it never came during the parade .

For me this was about the 15th parade I’ve covered over the last year , and the 2nd Puerto Rican day parade . Admittedly every parade I have shot at , this is probably one of my favorites. I haven’t really seen a bad parade truthfully , besides the weather ruining them , but this one is general is so large and so many proud and happy people . This parade in particular lasted approximately 4 hours and I came home with 1,300 photos and reduced it to 500-600 . Puerto Rican Day parade photos can be viewed here . Other parades that I have posted Parades and nyc events .

For this parade I was on the street in front of the St. Patrick’s church , and admittedly I was very impressed with the respect shown by the people in the parade as they passed the church . They turned down the music , they stopped dancing .

So here’s a group of my photos from the parade .

Esai MoralesJorge Posada Carlos Beltran

Tito Puente Jr.


Written by steveedreff

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