Tap Dancing 

My latest photo shoot was a tap dancing shoot , I must admit as much as I love doing photoshoots , dancers are my favorite shoots to do . I particularly enjoy photoing ballet dancers and later this week I’ll be doing a ballet shoot . 

But this is a tap dance shoot with Makiko and Yoshiko . Both from Japan , but , Yoshiko is visiting and Makiko is living her at the moment . At times during the shoot , I just enjoyed to watch them dance rather then photo , it’s quite beautiful thing to see when you have 2 professionals doing their thing . 

I had previously shot with Makiko in Central Park , this time we wanted to start at the Manhattan bridge and cross over into Brooklyn and finish up there . Unfortunately by the time we got to Brooklyn and a Starbucks pit stop our time became limited . 

As always I used my Canin 7D mark II , my lens of choice for most of this shoot was my 50mm 1.8 .and sometimes the 18-135mm but that’s about a 5.6 when extended so I use it as little as possible . 

But here’s a few photos from the shoot . 


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