Bad girls of Beijing – Jing and Ying 

Well , if you didn’t notice , my friends Jing and Ying were back for another photo shoot . 

We had met them in a previous post , but , just a quick overview . Jing and Ying are here from Beijing , China . These girls sing , dance , act and now my models . Unfortunately they have their tickets to return to China , October 4th . But, hopefully they will be returning early next year . If not , hope they help me to get my ticket to China and do some shooting there . 

During our previous shoot , we had agreed to do another shoot , basically without the dancing . Just a photoshoot in Brooklyn . It turned out to be an overcast day , looking like rain from hurricane Jose , but we made it without the rain . 

My camera is a canon 7D mark II , my lenses of choice for this shoot were the 50mm 1.8 and the 85mm 1.8 . I mainly stuck with the 50 . I also had my changing station , which if your a photographer that does photoshoots let me recommend this , the models love it , and it’s easy to carry . 

To the shoot : 


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