Sierra in Brooklyn 

Sierra was a shoot I had did recently . No major plans or themes for the shoot , just sort of walk around Brooklyn and see what we will find . The weather didn’t look that it was going to hold up to allow our shoot , overcast and rain in the forecast . We were however able to get through before the rain . 

The shoot came about as I was walking through Central Park , I had seen a photographer doing a shoot with her and began a conversation with them . I personally , out of respect to other photographers, don’t give my cards to there models without asking them 1st if they mind me giving to the model and on a side note : to any photographer reading this , I really hate when photographers stand behind me shooting my models , at least have the respect to ask . Just be considerate . 

Anyways , I gave my card to Sierra , just told her to check out my work and if she’s interested in working together , contact me and that’s what she did . 

So below is some of our work : 


  1. Beautiful woman! Great photos and I just looove the photo with the hand and the grass, don’t even know why, it’s just always catching my eye.

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