Jing and Ying 

So , maybe some have noticed , I was away from here a couple days . Fortunately and unfortunately my reasons , busy shooting at fashion week in NYC , a couple photo shoots , the unfortunate is that I’ve been sick during this time .. well the next few days should be a break , I stayed home from today’s fashion shows to rest . Monday have a big shoot and Wednesday will be covering Eva Longorias show in the city . 

But , I was able to get a shoot in with Jing and Ying . A little bit about them from there web page . 

Jing and Ying 

Jing Zhang and Ying Zhang are identical twins, they born in Hunan, China. They are actresses, singers and dancers currently living in New York City. They graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy, in Musical Theater major. They’ve been working on musical theater, plays, short films, Dance and so on. Jing and Ying are corky, Charismatic, funny and professional, both of them are hard-working and driven by their passion for their performing.They can’t wait to meet more people and do more projects on their journey in America!

Jing and Ying unfortunately will be returning to China next month , they are hoping to return to continue there careers and studies here in the states early next year , I’m lucky to have had the chance to work with them before they go home , they are as they say in their biography , charismatic , funny and professional, it was truely a pleasure and already setting up a next shoot . 

The shoot was meant to be in Chinatown ,


But just to many people and to much traffic , so though we still were in the area , we gave up on the Chinatown background . 

We moved over to the manhattan bridge area and here is our results . 

I was using a canon 7D mark II , and most shots done with my 50mm 1.8 lens as well as an 18-135mm . The sun was kinda wreaking havoc on the shoot at times , but we managed through and for me it was a fun shoot and great working with Jing and Ying . 


      1. Luckily I haven’t had that happen yet , but been close a couple times . I think that was more because of the person I was shooting not being a nice person . 😂

  1. I really like the 3rd ledge photo. You can feel the wind in that one.

    Also, the 2nd last one– as an exploration of two halves of whole: do they choke or anchor each other. If either of them pulls too hard, they fall off the ledge.


    1. Thank you .. I wish I could have a ledge do over to get the flowing more . But I was being quick as I was so nervous for her . And that 2nd to last shot , its just a very interesting moment , you can get so many things from it . It was really just a great to be around these 2 . We will be doing another shoot next Monday , and then the light painting at night . So excited .

      1. Yea , better , not 100% , but have a shoot with a group of models from Curaçao today , so I need to feel better .. tomorrow a model from Slovenia , and Eva longoria fashion show Wednesday ..

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