Columbus Day Parade

Monday October 11th , was the 77th annual Columbus Day Parade on 5th ave in New York City .

The weather was a bit cool and overcast , which is helpful for this parade as they March with the sun behind their backs making it difficult to photo .

In the end , it was a nice parade , that quite a bit of people marched in and attended , feeling like a little bit of normalcy after about of year of parades being canceled or scaled down .

My camera for this parade was my Canon 5D Mark III with my 50mm 1.8f Canon lens .

I spent the parade in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral which is the reason so many shots of Cardinal Dolan during the parade .

And just the story behind the cover photo , the young girl from the matching band saw me taking photos of the people in the band and said to her friend “ I don’t want my photo taken unless it’s for the cover of the New York Times . “ so since my photo isn’t going to make The New York Times, I decided to give her this cover .

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