Well, it’s been awhile since I posted here . In general, everything has been fine . In New Jersey we are going into phase 2 of the reopening.

But , as many know around the world that a lot of protesting going on in this country due to the murder of George Floyd . Well, everyone has the right to protest , but , the destruction being caused in many cities has been to much .

Well my city of Toms River had a protest today as well .. and the protesting was peaceful , police walking with the demonstrators all for the common goal .

From my FB post :

My hats off to the people of Toms River as well as the Toms River PD . Everyone worked together to make this a successful March and protest . I saw people stopping on rt 37 handing out cases of water , people bringing food and water as well , also I have to mention Mangia Brick oven pizza for bringing out at least 20 large pizzas . No one raised their voices , except toward anyone , the demonstrators cheered as the police dept walked into the crowd showing support.

Although I was there to photo the event, I was proud at what I saw . At times I had goosebumps . This is the country I want to live in and it felt good to experience at least for 1 day to show that there is hope .

The majority of people in this country want to just live and let live . Of course there will be bad cops , bad firefighters, bad fast food employees , just bad people . But remember the good are the majority and never let the bad become louder then you . It’s time to silence them .

But , rather then drag on writing , here’s photos of the day .

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