Day 12 – into the hotspot

Some may be aware , some maybe not , I am a New York City press photographer. My pass allows me to get into areas that all other press can go , although I’m independent. I also do videos for news outlets when requests come in , a 20 mile radius from my phone . I get the alert and I can go if I choose or disregard. Sometimes it’s a car accident 15 miles away and would be gone by the time I get there , which I’ve had a few trips that weren’t worth my time .

Last week I had a fire

Today I had a request for video in Lakewood , I’ve mentioned Lakewood in other posts as it is the hotspot of New Jersey for the coronavirus and a large population of Hasidic Jews who had been continuing large gatherings . So , I was hesitant to accept this request, I admit , very nervous .

But I put on my mask and went into the fire

So thankfully wasn’t a wasted trip was able to see some video . But after returning, it was about a 30 minute hot shower scrubbing till I felt clean again . I was ok going in getting video and getting out , but I did talk to a Hasidic Jewish person who was outside inquiring what I was doing and no offense to this person , it could have been anyone , that was what probably made me the most crazy , being around anyone in Lakewood isn’t a good idea , Jewish , Christian, yellow , purple or whatever . So I have to admit , I may not do videos in that area again for awhile . In the meantime I did take a couple photos outside .

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