Day 4 – cold and rainy

In my posts from the virus “stay in place “ I’m just keeping it light , not going into politics etc . I will confess , I do not and have never liked Trump.

But , just to give some perspective of my own personal area .

I’m in Ocean County , New Jersey . At the moment my area has no testing sites available due to no kits. The state has been stay in place since Saturday and besides searching for toilet paper Saturday , I’ve been home , just going outside to feed birds and get fresh air on the porch . I was in New York City on Friday and now they are recommending anyone in the city do a 2 week quarantine. So I’m doing my part and staying away from people . My only wish is that Trump would demand the country to do this rather then states doing it on their own. I believe if everyone acts this way the sooner we move on . In a few weeks New Jersey will be better for it then people come from other states and start this up again . Just my opinion .

In other news , it’s another crappy day outside , cold and rainy and this is getting boring . But the plus , I’ve started exercising 😂

Few more photos from nyc Friday


      1. No, it’s more comfortable at home , but we are free to go out and I could go up to the city even now , it’s just staying out of groups . But, I just prefer to get through it and not be wreck less

      2. Today was really my first day out , been rainy or to cold . I thought to walk around more , daily , but haven’t yet . Have started exercising though 😂

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