Veterans Day Parade – NYC

11/11/2019 was the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City . So , I was there , with camera in hand to get photos of the veterans of past , present and future of this country .

The day for me was intended to start off with a few shots of President Trump ( who I do not support in anyway ) but , security was to high and the NYC press pass wasn’t enough to get inside that circle . So , moved out of that area and came across New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signing a bill at the start of the parade , a bill that will help veterans .

After this , it was back to the parade . This has become my favorite parade to attend , to meet and see all these people who are willing to give their life for the rest of us here in this country . I’m not a believer in war and people dying so we can live, but, unfortunately it’s the world we live in . None of us have more or less rights to live in this world . It should be free for all to live peacefully.

But , of course that’s just a dream .

So back to the parade, this as I said was the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade in New York and some photos of the day .

*all photos here are taken by and belong to Steve Edreff *

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