Unfortunate accident

During this time of year , the weather isn’t very cooperative to do Photoshoot’s outside . So things are a little slow now at the moment . Tomorrow will be the 100th Veterans Day parade in New York City . Donald Trump ( who I do not support or care for ) is attending so I’m hoping for a good shot of him as well as photoing the parade itself .

Anyways , during this time , I do more photo journalism or should I say video journalism when opportunities present themselves . It’s more freelance stuff , I get a notification on my phone telling me where there is News and what it pays for each video you sell . But , I may start including the stories that I cover here .

Today was one such story . It was a very unfortunate accident that caused the death of 2 people as their car went airborne landing on the 2nd floor of a business : here is the write up from the “Toms River Patch ”

Story is there’s , videos and photos belong to me.

Braden DeMartin, 22, and Daniel Foley, 23, both of Toms River were pronounced dead at the horrible scene where the car apparently cross lanes of traffic and landed in the building, police said. Friends remembered the two victims on social media (see below).
The incident happened approximately 6:34 a.m. when police units were dispatched to a car that crashed into the EXIT Realty Elite building at 1466 Hooper Ave., police said.
A 2010 Porsche Boxster convertible driven by DeMartin was traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on Hooper Avenue before losing control and hitting the center median, police said.
The car continued north and struck an embankment, causing the vehicle to become airborne and crash into the building, police said. Toms River Building Inspector John Gerrity has deemed the building unsafe, though it was unoccupied at the time.

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  1. If I had not been there to see the scene myself I would have thought it was a scene out of a movie. To try to comprehend the manner in which the Porsche was able to end up inside the second story of this building was unbelievable, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

    1. Yes , I agree , I’m still trying to figure out how it’s possible myself . I didn’t see any reason that car would end up on the 2nd floor . The whole scene was very strange . It’s even looked like the car entered upside down , yea no explanation.

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