Well after visiting Italy in the spring , it seems that coincidentally, the most of my shoots have been Italian dancers . It’s just interesting to me ( probably no one else ) that it seems to cycle , first it seemed it was Japanese dancers . At the moment I’m in search of a Russian ballet dancer and I come across some but mainly it’s contemporary dancers who will do pointes for a shoot . But anyways the search goes on and with the weather changing and my shoots outdoors , may have to wait till spring . At the moment , 1 more shoot on schedule . ( not an Italian) haha .

But just a quick visit to my Italian shoots

Greta : in New York City

Greta and Daniel: in Rome , Italy

Daniel: Rome , Italy
Allisiah: Rome, Italy
Sylvia : Rome , Italy
Gia / Concetta : Rome , Italy
Concetta: Rome , Italy
Gia : Rome, Italy
Martina : New York City
Concetta Rome, Italy
Chiara: New York City
Sara : New York City

Sonia : New York city

Lisa : New York City

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