Stylepointe fashion- XioLee apparel

The 5th of the 6 designers I shot for NYFW was XioLee apparel with designs showcased by Azul dance company . These dancers did have a couple dancers I have worked with in the past , so I was a little partial to this choreography.

Maybe I mentioned in an early post from the show or fashion shows in general , it seems to take a special breed of photographers for these shows . Fighting for spots on rafters , 50 photographers potentially taking the same photo , etc . And then when you walk down the street in the area of the bigger shows you see photographers all over like paparazzi trying to get photos of anyone coming out of the shows . But with Stylepointe the venue was quaint and they provided the sneak preview show to the photographers . It allowed us to sit anywhere we wanted and get the shots we wanted. I really thought it was a great idea . And the show we saw was exactly as the public will see it this week.

In the end , runway shows are more take it or leave it for me . If I can find shows such as this where all designers are in 1 place , that’s great . But , I see photographers running all over town getting from 1 show to another .

But anyways , having opportunities to photo is always a fun thing for me , so I’ll keep taking opportunities of parades , fashion shows and photoshoots etc .

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