Out in the streets – Claudia

After a quiet week of shooting or not shooting , turns out Claudia and I decided to do another shoot before she leaves for vacation. There’s an alleyway in New York City where I wanted to begin this shoot , unfortunately, this cool looking place is getting a make over , so we did what we could in the space provided.

About the shoot : I did my best to stay in the shadows as it was a pretty harsh sun that day . I used my canon 5D mark III for this shoot , as normal ( my 7D was destroyed by rain ) and my 50mm 1.8 .

before leaving this area , Claudia and I noticed a construction equipment and got a couple shots there . then moved down to the next alley for a few more shots :

Enough of the alleyway and time to move on , decided to walk a few blocks into Chinatown

also in Chinatown, it’s where we did the new shot that’s been added into my shoots . I do 1 shot doing a dance pose or with the dancer .

Now heading over to the Manhattan bridge , hoping for a windy area , but for the first time being on the bridge it was barely a breeze .

And to finish up the day , a quick stop in little Italy.

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