A recent shoot I had was with Mia , a metropolitan opera ballet dancer .

The day started off by meeting at the Queensboro plaza train station in Astoria area of New York City. After that our thoughts were to find some murals / art for the background of our photos . A little walking and a few wrong turns we ended up in Long Island City near the waterfront . It’s actually a beautiful quiet area that I’ve shot in several times . We did also manage to find additional places that I’ve never been to before . Personally, that’s why I love to shoot in the streets , you can make every photo different just by walking a little and really no spot is a bad spot , when your in the studio with a white or black background how many different shots will you get . Though , I’ve seen beautiful studio photography, my choice is outdoors . Another thing for me as that I enjoy walking the streets , meeting new people and just having a good time shooting . I think of a studio as being stuck inside 4 walls and more business then relaxed shooting . My shoots , we talk , we walk , we photo , stop at Starbucks take a break and just have a relaxing time .

Anyways , back to the shoot . Mia is a dancer I’ve met through Instagram where we set up the shoot . I came to the shoot as always with my canon 5D mark III, I brought 35mm 2.0 , 50mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8 lenses to the shoot but only used the 50mm this day and most days of shoots . I also bring my changing station to my shoots :

This is in case we don’t find a suitable place to change and allows them to bring extra outfits for the shoot.

So after our little mishap of where to shoot , I still enjoyed the day and the shoot, a little adventure is always fun and working with Mia was such a pleasure that even if I wasn’t happy with all my photos it was still a good day .


  1. Absolutelyamazing photos! One of my more fav dancers that i have seen photos of…..( your photos)..she seems to really command attention of her surroundings and space.She doesnt blend with them..they all become her props instead! She must be seriously grand to watch danci g in an opera!!

    1. Yes, absolutely , she’s one of the few true ballerinas I’ve shot . You can see why she dances for the metropolitan opera in nyc . She’s just beautiful no matter how she moves .

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