Most recent photo shoot was with Hope , a ballet dancer originally from Taiwan . This shoot took place on Roosevelt island in New York City . It’s not a large area , but I like that’s it a clean quiet area of the city . Some areas of the city you will find photographers standing behind you trying to steal shots . So generally I try to stay away from areas such as Central Park , Times Square where I know other photographers hang out when I’m doing my shoots . Sometimes someone will ask if they can take photos , but I always refer them to the model I’m working with . I let them decide.

As usual on my shoot , I used my Canon 5D Mark III . 50 mm 1.8 lens . This was a sunny day so I went with aperture set at about 6f and ISO about 400 . With jump shots , I’ve learned that you should be set at 1250 or higher on shutter speed . Other shots it varies for me depending on sun, shade , or clouds.

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