Japan (pt.1)

Recently took a trip to Japan and Seoul , South Korea . The trip began with a 13 hour flight from Newark airport to Narita airport in Japan . Arrival was a bit hectic as the the day before a typhoon passed through the area and all cancelled flights were coming in . Besides this fact , it was easy to navigate around this airport , even not knowing the language. During this trip I was in Narita airport 4 times , never had any problems . ( Newark was more difficult to get through and the employees in general just don’t care , much different then Narita , where everyone is helpful )

After arriving , next goal is getting to the hotel in Ginza , Tokyo . I wasn’t aware of the train and how close it would’ve gotten me , and the most difficult moment of the trip was trying to figure out where the busses were going . So the easiest thing was jumping in a taxi for the 1 hour trip .

Arrived at the hotel Monterey Lasoeur Ginza , after about 20 hours of traveling , from the time I left my house . Check in was quick and painless , the staff in this hotel was very nice and the hotel was clean and a good place to stay , the rooms were small , but, when your on vacation , a bed and bathroom is all you really need as you are only there to sleep . What I really loved most about the hotel, is they provide you with a ” handy phone ” as I had no international phone service , so using this tool for google maps and lists of events going on in the area and most of all , easy to show taxi drivers on the phone where your trying to go and they can read in their language, I used it everyday I stepped outside the hotel .

For the smokers traveling to Japan , your not allowed to walk around the city smoking , they do have designated smoking areas . It may seem a burden , but , you notice that the streets are cigarette butt free in general . I am/ was a smoker , and I actually liked this about the area .

In the end , my impression of Japan was , it’s a beautiful clean country to travel too and the people were always helpful , I also love the way they have maintained the history with the imperial palace and the temples / shrines found throughout Tokyo and more .

While in the city , I had also did , 3 photoshoots and visited temples . Photos and more coming in next post .


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