Shooting Dee

A recent shoot with model : Dee and make up artist : Terumi . This shoot came together when I had heard that this MUA was visiting NYC from Tokyo Japan and was looking for photographer and models to do a few photoshoots while visiting the city .

This shoot was the 1st time I visited Roosevelt Island in NYC , and the 1st time I would use my new camera , Canon 5D mark III , 1st time to meet Terumi and 1st photoshoot with Dee .

The great thing about this connection was really to meet Terumi , because come October I will be visiting Tokyo , Japan and do a few photoshoots there and she will now assist me .

In the end , the camera really worked out great , now will be my photoshoot go to camera . Using my canon 7D mark II as my all around nature, parade and hanging out photoing camera .

Upcoming shoot with Terumi will be with model Manpreety from India and will include traditional clothing . But , here’s a few shots from the Dee photoshoot .


  1. That first photo, the one in the grass, reminds me of a painting called ‘Christina’s World’ by Andrew Wyeth. Love it.

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