Pride parade NYC 2018

Ok , so I attended the NYC pride parade for the first time this past weekend to photo . Some people would probably think I would be crazy to go to a parade like that with different types of people all around you . For me it’s another parade and just as fun as any other I’ve photoed at . Maybe my experience is a bit better then someone whose standing outside the fences , as I get to be in the middle of the parades photoing .

That being said , a lot of people I know don’t agree with that lifestyle , so they are a bit prejudiced in there opinions of things like this . I personally don’t care how people choose to live their lives , it’s not for me to say who is right or wrong , just as I do not expect people to tell me how to live.

Anyways , I’m kinda moving away from the subject of the parade . So back to it , I arrived at the parade about 11:30 for a 12pm start and when I left at 7pm it was still going strong . On the day I used 2 full camera batteries and shot 2,500 photos , after deleting extras , I was still left with about 1,000 photos that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with .

To view 2018 parade photos click the links below .

Pride Parade

Mermaid parade

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Dance Parade

Persian Day Parade

And a group of photos from the Pride Parade :

Billie Jean King (1st photo)

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