The girls from Curaçao 

On September 11th , I was part of a “Shootathon ” with a group of models from Curaçao . The models are a group from M.M.M. A modeling agency from Curaçao and Venezuela. 

The shoot came about as the Portfolio Fashion Magazine , who had featured the Plitz model of the year in an edition for the magazine , befriended the agency and was notified about a month ago that the group was coming to New York city for fashion week . I was then contacted asking if I would help with the shoot of the models before they returned to Curaçao. 

What had began as a sort of impromptu photo shoot turned into more as we were joined by : Lenshina Designs who had provided all the dresses seen here and make up artist : Sherry Alberto . 

A side note:  Curaçao has become my 29th country in my attempt to photo 100 people from 100 countries . 

1st model featured is Plitz model of the year Geeña Bentoera 

2nd up is Plitz model of the year runner up Stephanie Boyé

3rd Leanora Schnog 

And the others : 


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