“Hometown Heroes” Parade

July 7th , 2021 was the New York City ticker tape parade for the frontline workers during pandemic . The frontline workers were from Nurses and Doctors , Grocery store workers to UPS and post office people .

The day was hot and sunny , about 95-100 f ( 35-37c) but , I was happy to be out and photoing and this event was perfect . The virus has went on for to long keeping people home and know better way to celebrate getting out then to honor the people who didn’t stay home .

On a personal note , I am fully vaccinated and I continue to wear my mask around large groups of people or inside of a store . The shame out of it all though is that because to many idiots won’t get vaccinated the virus will probably become stronger then the vaccine .. but anyways back to the parade and photos .

Sandra Lindsay, a Queens critical care nurse and the first American to receive Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine in December, served as the parade’s Grand Marshal.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Attorney General Letitia James

New York Republican Mayor Candidate ( Guardian Angel ) Curtis Sliwa

And miscellaneous shots from the day .

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