It was a shoot that almost wasn’t , Gabriella and I had this date marked on the calendar for a shoot and it was starting to look like we might be rained out . But we did it without rain ..

As the story goes , I had spotted Gabriella on instagram and reached out hoping to get a shoot with her . In the end it worked out that we would shoot in the dumbo area of Brooklyn , one of my favorite spots . Generally quiet with beautiful view of the city .

My camera as usual was a canon 5D mark III and a canon 50mm 1.8f lens

Now , I could talk about the shoot , but you can see our work in the photos . Something I really want to mention to anyone who may be interested in doing photoshoots , if a photographer contacts you , wanting to work together , just do your homework .

1. Check out the photographers work and don’t be shy to ask to see a portfolio if possible .

2. Don’t be afraid to message a model that they may have shot previously, find out what type of person he or she is .

3. Ask the photographer if you can bring a friend to the shoot with you .

That’s my 3 tips to doing a photoshoot with a stranger .

And now to our photos :

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