Day 16 – dazed and confused

Well not much of a reason for the name , dazed and confused besides I wanted to use it . But today passed like any other day , besides the weather being a little nicer .

This coronavirus is really hitting my area pretty hard , not nyc hard , but , 2300 cases in my county and and 1,200 in my city Toms River and neighboring city Lakewood , that’s about 10 minutes from my home . Most people in this country have no impact of the virus in cases . Probably don’t understand why we are worried here or making something out of nothing . We have more cases in my county then 29 states have in the whole state . So yes , it’s always on my mind when I step outside . Am I worried about dying ? No , not really , but I don’t like having the flu , so I sure don’t want to be sick with this , not only that , maybe I’ll survive , but to think I infected another person who may not survive it, is a but of a reality check .

But honestly when I do see my numbers here , and they are high and most people in my area can not even get tested , what’s the real numbers ? It’s got to be at least double . I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before , but , to be tested in New Jersey, first you call a Dr. and describe your symptoms , if you fit the criteria , they then would write you a prescription for a test . If you don’t have all at that time , your out of luck . I have a friends whose parents in the past month returned from Vietnam , both became very ill , called a Dr. to get tested . The Dr. said Quarantine for 2 weeks . No test . So if your in another country or somewhere else in this country , don’t believe the numbers your seeing . Testing is not being done properly, also in New Jersey , test are backed up 10 days , if you get tested you will be recovering or dead before you get results .

But on a happy note I did a few photos today of my friends in the yard coming to visit . The photos straight from the camera not edited in anyway so pardon the crooked photos .

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