My rule

After reading 8 of 10 African Americans believe Trump is racist , after watching what seemed to be whites march in Richmond , Va with their assault rifles in hand fighting for 2nd amendment rights , so it made me think . What if it was African Americans or Muslims marching with these weapons and dressed in Military gear fighting for 2nd amendment rights , would those same people march freely with them ? Would it still be the same ?

Just last week someone blasted me in FB when I made the comment that , My turning point with Donald Trump was , calling Mexicans , criminals , rapists , drug dealers . Mocking a disabled reporter and special olympics and then the Muslim ban . I can personally deal with a lot of things our Presidents do , but , racism and religious persecution is over the line for me . Of course the reply I received was that they couldn’t believe I would go there about Trump .

But it’s my opinion and this is the President of the United States that is a country made up of African Americans , Mexicans , Muslims , Jewish and I feel Trump cares nothing about this country other then his predominantly white base . Even I am considered the enemy in his eyes and I’m a white male . But because I’m an American citizen that doesn’t agree , I’m an enemy .

But to my rule : I personally have friends or Acquaintances that are , Hispanic , African American , Muslims , Jehovah Witnesses etc etc . You see , I don’t care people’s color or religion , I only care how this person treats me . My simple rule , if your an asshole , then your cut from my life , if your not then I don’t care your race or beliefs .

Isn’t it easier to go through life without feeling hate toward people ? What does it matter to you what people do with their lives .

Religious freedom is really important to me . I’m not sure how it came to be , but , in truth I’m not religious and don’t believe that there is a God out there watching over us . I am not atheist, I would like to believe that life doesn’t end right here and now . Maybe wishful thinking. My point is this , if a person chooses to worship at a church , synagogue, temple what does this have to do with me that I should hate this person ? I just can’t understand that thought process . We are all humans living here the way we think is right for us. But each person should have the same rights to live the way they they choose just as I do.

If someone gets hit by a car , will you ask their religion before you decide to assist ? We are all humans just trying to get through the best we can .

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