Hope and Stella

Did a shoot at Fort Tryon in New York City for the first time . Although it had a few spots that I liked for shooting , in general I find parks a bit boring for shoots . My style is more street , some grittiness compared to flowers . I also think that if your shooting in trees , how much can you actually do , you I like to try to find 3-4 different locations during a shoot so all the photos not looking the same . This is just my opinion, anyways , the Fort area was better that not so many people and definitely not any photographers around trying to steal shots . This is why I’ll never do a shoot in Central Park !

Also on this shoot , I brought a new lens to try out . A yongnuo 35mm f2 as well as my canon 50mm 1.8 . My camera of choice for my shoots is a Canon 5D Mark III. The jury is still out on my 35mm , I really wasn’t happy with the results , but , I was to far from the subjects and battling sun and shadow , so I’ll try again at my next shoot .

But here’s some of yesterday’s shots with 35mm and 50mm .

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