Well, it’s been about 7 months since my last post , and hopefully I can get back into a routine here . This Covid pandemic has changed a lot of things and for me , it’s not often I get out and shoot anymore . Thursday June 10th though was reason enough to wake up at 5am , grab my camera and head to the Atlantic Ocean to photo the eclipse this day .

This was the ring of fire eclipse , although , I was not in the area of the world to get a glimpse of that , I believe had to be in Canada, but I did get a pretty nice view as the clouds separated just in time to see this event .

My photos were taken in Seaside Heights, New Jersey using my canon 5D mark III camera with a sigma 150-600mm lens , for most of the shots I had shutter at 8000, aperture about 22f , and iso at 100 when shooting the moon and sun .

A few photos from that day . As much as I hate watermarking photos so crudely , I just prefer people not steal these photos .

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