Day 7 – and it’s Saturday

It is becoming difficult to remember days and dates since this virus took over our lives . So I for 1 am voting that we start over , BC , AD and now AV (after virus )

But seriously, about 2 weeks before NYC was closing down , but the beginning of the spread in New York, I did a shoot with a friend of mine , I believe this was our 3rd shoot together and she wanted to do this shoot before she went home to Israel . She did manage to get out a few days later and is still in quarantine, one of the requirements when you fly into Israel is a 14 day quarantine. Similar to many places that are taking this seriously, unfortunately here , we have a president whose still basically doing nothing .

Anyways , we did this shoot in Manhattan, SOHO area , I used my canon 5 D mark III and my 50mm 1.8 lens .

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