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This was a recent post I had written on my FB page , some may find it interesting, some may not , most won’t read it .

While I contemplate closing my fb account , I just wanted to get something off my chest .

First of all , Fb is for Trump supporters and I do not support him . Non supporters of Trump have to see in their news feeds the sharing of Pro-Trump memes and destroying Iran for example . But , if the people who don’t agree with Trump post something we get blasted . So because I can’t speak my mind freely here what’s the point .

I also want to clarify a point I made previously, maybe it was here maybe twitter , but I spoke against war saying only that , it’s easy for Americans to suggest “ Destroy Iran “ and more memes on that subject . And my point was that we as Americans, you people sharing those memes , I think your opinion of war would be different if war was on our soil . If you had to worry about your children’s lives as they went to school and bombs dropping from the sky . I don’t think we would take war for granted if Iran was capable of fighting us on our land . The cost of innocent lives is what’s at stake in a war . Is Iran’s government bad ? YES ! That seems to have been proven , but are all the people of that country bad ? NO ! We have bad people in our government does that mean Russia should attack us the people of the USA , NO ! We do not need to flex our muscles every time we don’t agree with a country . Let’s do good with our strength and help the people in Syria that are bombed daily by Russia and Assad , let’s help the Iranian people who want a free society , not destroy them .

That’s just my opinion . I will just finish this up by saying , It’s ok to support this President if you choose , but , he’s made mistakes , big mistakes and most of you do not see it , your so entranced in him that as he said “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” and I just don’t understand why this and many things are acceptable to you .

It’s not ok to make fun of handicapped people , it’s not ok to grab a woman by her pussy , it’s not ok to constantly berate people , IT’S NOT OK to take the country to war so you won’t be removed from office .

Those of you who have children , is this the way your bringing them up ? To be this kind of person ,this is who you look up to and tell your son or daughter I want you to be like this or if your daughter was with a man like this , you wouldn’t care ? This is the future your looking for ?

And just 1 more thing , you people who believe the economy rhetoric he keeps lying about , unemployment has been tending downward since 2010 after coming out a recession, stock market has been moving up in that same time period . This isn’t Trumps doing , this is a trend he inherited .

And just to finish it up I wanted to give you an idea of what war looks like when it’s in your neighborhood.

Ps: the other day I was blocked by a Trumper because I’m a never Trumper , what makes that sad to me is that this person had grown up with me, living about 5 houses from me since we were about 7 or 8 . We didn’t talk much to each other in fb , but we stayed in contact in general . So this person and many other Trumpers will actually put Trump over friendships even if it was more of a long distance casual friendship on FB for past years . Well let’s simplify it , one day Trump will not be in office , but , 10yrs from now you might need that friend that you that you decided to block just because they didn’t agree with you . So just remember the day when you put Trump over friendships.

Photos are not mine and where taken from the White Helmets twitter account to let people know the effects of war when it’s on your land .

Written by steveedreff

Steve Edreff is a photographer who is currently located in New Jersey and normally works out of New York City. Currently Steve has holds New York City Media pass as well as being a contributor to Getty Images and Istock. With the media pass Steve has been a photographer on hand for most parades and media events throughout NYC. The his preference is doing photoshoots with different style dancers , he also has photoed at New York Cities fashion week , photoshoots with Mrs. New Jersey, New York, Vermont , and Pennsylvania. Along with the photography , he has created an independent magazine "Street Views" that includes dancers and traditional style photography.


    1. I thought the same thing and a piece of me thinks that if everyone on my side stays quiet then that side wins . They are a nasty group , but sometimes I just can’t shut up 😂

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