Closer to home

Before I write my latest post , I’m really curious what people visiting this page outside of the USA feels about Trump , the attack and should he be removed from office . I’m hoping to see some comments if you could .

Well if you took the time to read my last post “New Year New Me” I talked about doing more photography that matters . In it I mentioned types of photography in areas such as Syria as compared to taking safe photos of dancers , parades etc. I didn’t know that hours after my post that war would be our reality and Trump would attack and kill an Iranian general .

So as I was making plans to photo the “no hate no fear ” march in New York City Sunday , I am now aware of the dangers that we will face in this country . It won’t stop me from going , security is on high alert in all major cities throughout the country including New York of course .

I also realized that , wordpress is probably the only platform that allows me to speak my mind and give me opinions . Twitter is limited in characters , Instagram is more about pictures and what your favorite celebrities ate for dinner photos , and Facebook is just Facebook .

My opinion

1) Trump needs to be removed from office ( should have been removed a year ago)

2) This attack was more to save Trumps job then it was to protect the country

It’s not that Gen. Qassim Soleimani didn’t need to be removed , he did . He was a threat , but he’s been a threat for many years , President Bush and Obama had the opportunity to do the same and choose not to flan the flames of war with Iran and that means Trump was aware of him since stepping into office and decided as he’s at risk of being removed from office that he attacks . That’s why I believe that it’s more about Trump personally rather then what’s best for the country at this moment .

We are now at risk of North Korea and / or Iran attacking us or our allies .

So for my photography , photos that tell a story or have more feelings as I see from war torn areas in the world for me may be ” Closer to home ”

Below are a few of my Military themed photos :

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