Clean up

‘ ‘Tis the season …. to start cleaning up photo files on my computer . Of course when you start doing a process like this your going to come across photos that were just kind of forgotten about and this file I came across is one such file .

These photos were taken 2 yrs again in Las Vegas outside of Nellis Air Force Base . Unfortunately , for photography, I was just traveling light , my canon 7D Mark II with an 18-135 mm lens . It was more just going out in the day and doing some street shooting , never anticipated the air show I witnessed outside the base . I am not sure if it common to see this much action but , I’ve been to that area twice and both times the same results . So anyways decided to take a trip over to the area with camera and lens and get a shot of something .

Note to self : next time you travel to Vegas take your 150-600mm lens .

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