Photos into paintings

Well , the days are cold , and when you do outdoor photoshoots with dancers , it is a little bit to cold for that . So , I have been working on somethings from home . First , I have updated my webpage “ Steve Edreff “ where you can find photos to use for your blogs . Fashion shows , Nature and animals , New York City events and more .

Also I have a couple online T shirt / leggings stores , the first is Street Views Dance Tees You can find t shirts , hoodies and leggings here just in time for the holidays . Also I have the Street views world tees which is t shirts of different countries , international soccer style shirts and more .

Recently , I have been working on photos to paintings, where you can buy a photo / poster of these items and they are made to look like paintings. All the “paintings ” are created from photos that I have taken . Photograph paintings are all original and 1 of a kind , as I’m the only person with this photo . So if your looking for a gift for someone in this holiday season or just a nice house warming gift , head over too Photo/paintings. Below is a few examples .

Just a quick link to the mentioned sites :

Street Views Dance Tees

Photographs to paintings

Fashion show photos

Photos to buy or download

Street views world tees

Street Views Dance Tees

The photos below do contain a watermark , all photos purchased at this site will have the watermarks removed .

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