Summer is coming to a close , and I’m a bit torn about it . The good thing about it ending is that I’m near seaside heights , New Jersey ( the place where Jersey shore tv show was being made ) . Because all the tourist seem to like this beach , traffic is horrible throughout the summer months . But it’s disappointing, because as the cold weather hits the photoshoots become less and just coming out in the winter isn’t something I enjoy .

So , during the nice warm months I do photo everyday , whether it’s a photoshoot or just sitting on the porch photoing birds and things . Though I live in a normal neighborhood, I have photoed at least 17 different birds , squirrels , rabbits and chipmunks . In fact just the other day , I found an injured young red finch and my neighbor had a bird cage and we rescued him and nursed him back to health . He’s now a regular at my bird feeder .

Anyways here’s a few photos from my porch and yard area .

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